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​​​​​​​​​​​​"Commuters will be pleasantly surprised at how well vanpooling works. Some members of our pool choose to read, others work and several converse on our commute. It is reliable, quick and efficient. All of our riders have been pleased with the savings."

Ros Owen, vanpool driver Designer for Standard Register




Discover the comfort, convenience and savings of a vanpool. A vanpool is a​​ group of at least six employees riding together in a van on their daily commute to and from work. One member of the group drives and picks up the other group members at their residences or a common pickup area. A back-up driver is always available in case the regular driver goes on vacation or gets sick. PTSA operates this vanpool service and provides the van in coordination​ with Commute with Enterprise. Vanpooling operates on a monthly basis, so you never have to make a long-term commitment

Each passenger pays a monthly fare, which covers the cost of maintenance and insurance, and shares the gas cost. Thanks to government funding, fares are low, and you save significantly over the cost of driving alone. Plus, vanpoolers are eligible for emergency rides, providing individual transportation for changes in work time, break downs, or accidents. For more information please read more about vanpooling services here.


People who vanpool to work arrive more relaxed and are less stressed than their co-workers who drive alone. When not behind the wheel, you can use this time to read, sleep or catch up on paperwork. The vans are equipped with air-conditioning, individual reading lights, plenty of legroom and other features that make your ride more comfortable. And because vanpools are organized according to where you live and work, you'll be riding with friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Vanpools also help reduce the congestion on the roadways. If there are eight people in your vanpool, that's seven fewer cars on the road. You'll enjoy your commute knowing that you are improving traffic conditions and helping reduce pollution.

Does your employer know that your company can subsidize your vanpool commute while reducing its taxable income? Under the Comprehensive National Energy Policy Act, effective January 1, 1993, employers can give their employees up to $255 a month tax free for vanpooling. Ask your employer if they offer the program and how to get set up.


"Vanpooling is the most economic and stress-free way to get to work. I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested to try vanpooling."

Ed Olmo, vanpool rider Assistant Director of Admissions and Registration, University of South Florida


Click here for more information, on signing up for vanpooling, or call 1-800-VAN-4-WORK (1-800-826-4-9675).

You also may want to ask your employer about vanpooling. Under the Comprehensive National Energy Policy Act, employers can subsidize their employees up to $255 a month tax free for vanpooling, subsidizing this convenient, eco-friendly mode of travel while reducing their taxable income.