+ What is Mission MAX?
Mission MAX represents the first comprehensive review of the HART transit network since 2003. In that time, the Tampa Bay region has grown and changed dramatically while the transit system has remained relatively constant. Mission MAX takes HART’s current resources and redesigns the system to better meet the mobility needs of our customers and operate efficiently, ensuring that we provide the best “bang for the buck”.
+ Why is HART Redesigning the transit system? How was Mission MAX developed?

During customer satisfaction surveys in 2015 and 2016, significant feedback focused on improvements to the HART bus network. Based on input from the public, HART developed a proposed plan reflecting a more efficient, higher-frequency system that addresses 21st century commuting patterns.

The Tampa Bay area is a rapidly growing, dynamic metropolitan area and current HART service no longer fits the changing development patterns and population trends of the Tampa Bay region.

The redesign lays the foundation for 10 years of service improvements – including innovative transportation solutions that better meet customer needs.

Mission MAX improves the system by providing 85% of our customers with improved service. Nearly every route will operate 7 days a week, with weekend service running at least from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. This plan strives to keep service to as many existing riders as possible, and make improvements that attract even more riders.

+ Does the plan mean I’ll have to walk further to a stop?

Importantly, nearly 80% of HART’s customers provided feedback saying they would rather have service every 10-20 minutes – even if they had to travel further to get to their stop.

While some walks will be longer, some will be shorter. The new system will now see 24% of HART service with a bus frequency of 15 minutes or less, up from 5% prior to the redesign. Hourly express service will be increased by 500% within the next 2-3 years.

- The plan means I’ll have to transfer. Why is that?

People are traveling between homes and destinations all over Hillsborough County. If we tried to run direct service from all of those locations we’d have hundreds of routes and wouldn’t be able to afford to run any of them frequently. Instead, the new system is designed around simpler, straighter lines that are more useful to more people. It’s easy to transfer among these lines because they’ll run more frequently and the next bus is not that far away.

+ When will the changes happen?   
+ Are these changes permanent?   
+ What do I do if HART is no longer an option?   
+ Will taking HART cost more as a result of Mission MAX implementation?   
+ How much does it cost to implement Mission MAX?   
+ How will this help reliability of the system?   
+ How would bus shelter locations be impacted by Mission MAX?   
+ Why is Plant City not included in the new routes?   
+ How can I access the new Mission MAX route schedules?   
+ Where can I get more information or ask questions?   


+ I am currently a certified HARTPlus customer. How will Mission MAX impact me?   
+ Is HARTFlex Brandon changing?   
+ I’ve heard HART is cutting service to the Social Security Office, MacDonald Training Center, and Tampa Housing Authority. Is this true? What are my options?   
+ I have a flight to catch at Tampa International Airport. What are my options?   
+ What are my commuting options to MacDill AFB?   
+ I've heard there won't be any service north of Fletcher. Is this true? What are my options?   
+ Will HART continue to operate on holidays?   
+ Does HART still serve the Lighthouse for the Blind?   
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