Marion Transit Center Amenities

Customer Amenities at the Marion Transit Center

The Marion Transit Center serves as a pickup, drop-off and transfer location for 15 local HART routes, 11 Commuter Express routes, the In-Town Trolley and the inter-county Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority Routes 100X and 300X.

The Center is located at 1211 N. Marion Street in downtown Tampa and sits on 1.23 acres just west of Tampa’s historic Oaklawn Cemetery. The facility consists of two structures: a larger main building housing a patron lobby, customer service area, drivers’ lounge, and office space; and a clock tower with a ground floor concession area. A pedestrian-friendly courtyard, decorated with tile mosaics and lined with cast iron lampposts, connects the two structures.

Service and convenience for transit users is a high priority for HART, therefore many patron amenities were built into the Marion Transit Center. The site’s hourglass shape, along with its trellis-covered walkways, allow for shorter walks between buses, and shelter from sun and rain. The canopy was designed like a garden arbor. Planter walls throughout the site provide ample seating.


Customer Service Lobby

Marion Transit Center’s customer service center is open to the public Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. 5 p.m. offers the following services and amenities:


Available Outside the Customer Lobby

During the hours HART customer service center is closed, patrons have access to the following amenities outside the customer service lobby:


Driver Amenities

Amenities for HART bus operators at the Marion Transit Center include:


Historical Architectural Details

Reclaimed bricks from Fortune and Laurel Streets were placed in the walkways and used as accents between the planters and courtyard mosaics. Bollards from the old Kennedy Street Bridge are incorporated into planters along the north end of the main building and a clock rescued from the demolition of Tampa’s Lykes building now adorns the customer service rotunda.



The wide variety of plants and trees at the Marion Transit Center includes live oaks, drake elms, Italian cypress, crepe myrtles, bougainvillea, oleanders, philodendron, crotons, annuals, variegated, liriope and Medjool palms.

Public Art

Elizabeth Indianos, a Tarpon Springs artist, created three major public art pieces for the Marion Transit Center. The courtyard design of two oversized hibiscus flowers in a sea of blue was constructed from a mosaic of small porcelain tiles. A flower on the lobby floor is a concrete overlay and the clock tower is encircled with glass and porcelain tiles combined with hand painted petals.

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