Mission MAX

Beginning Sunday, October 8, 2017, HART will implement a comprehensive schedule change, called Mission MAX.

Through Mission MAX, we are Modernizing the system to deliver more efficient service and higher frequencies on high-demand routes. We are Aligning routes to provide shorter trip times and better connections.  And we strive for eXcellence by designing a network that lays a strong foundation for future expansion.

This redesign of the bus system will include route and schedule modifications based on an extensive period of research, operational considerations, and public input.


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Mission MAX side-by-side maps
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Have Questions?

Visit the Mission MAX FAQ for questions on the HART system redesign.

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About Mission MAX

Mission MAX is a program of HART route and schedule changes that will be implemented on October 8, 2017. For more information about how Mission MAX and our 10-Year Transit Development Plan work together, visit gohart.org/TDP.

*Only USF students, faculty, and staff with valid USF IDs can ride the USF Bull Runner. Non-USF students/employees can use HART HyperLINK as an alternative to the USF campus.


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