+ What is HyperLINK?

HyperLINK is an innovative solution to get residents to public transit networks. In selected locations, residents can book a low-cost shared ride to a HART designated bus station within a three-mile radius. You can book your ride through the HyperLINK app.

+ How does the app work?

HyperLINK matches available drivers with on-demand ride requests. If there is a driver available for service, you are guaranteed a ride if you live within the three-station footprint.

+ Where is HyperLINK?

HyperLINK is currently undergoing a pilot program test at select locations within the HART system. Please check our maps to see if you live in these areas.

+ Am I eligible for HyperLINK?

See our maps to find out if you are eligible for HyperLINK trips to a nearby designated bus stop.

+ What is the cost?

Each trip booked through HyperLINK is a flat fare, $3, regardless of mileage or time.

+ Do I have to pay for the bus, or other HART services?

HyperLINK operates independently of HART transportation options. The $3 fee does not cover HART bus, HARTFlex, HARTPlus, or TECO Line Streetcar transfers. You will need to pay the usual fares onboard.

+ What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel within three minutes of booking a ride, you will not be charged. After the three-minute window you will be charged a $3 fee to prevent a misallocation of our drivers.

+ How many people can I book a ride?

Up to four passengers may share a ride but the cost is per passenger, so a trip with four people would cost $12.

+ What if my plans change?

No problem! You can cancel your ride at any time. If you cancel more than three minutes after booking your HyperLINK ride you will be charged a $3 fee.

+ When should I book my return trip?

We are asking customers alighting at bus stations to book the HyperLINK trip roughly 10 minutes before arriving at your stop.

+ What if I can't find my driver?

If you can’t find your driver, please use the phone icon in the app to call your driver directly.

+ Are the drivers safe?

Our drivers are very safe. In addition to submitting to a background check, all drivers are drug tested and fingerprinted. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with a licensed, safe driver.

+ What is first/last mile service?

Living in an area with public transit options brings tremendous benefits. Sometimes, however, sidewalks aren't around to guarantee a safe walk, or weather could be a factor while getting to the station, or back home from the designated bus stop. First/Last mile solutions help get passengers within a certain radius reach the station or stop for a low cost.

+ How many bags can I bring?

As space is limited, we ask that you treat luggage similar to an airline flight: A personal item and a bag would be perfectly acceptable.